Discover all of the ways that your business can use Single Source Training.

Single Source Training offers the latest industry training and certification to all vendors ranging from Real Estate agents to Closing Attorneys. It creates a community that fosters the continued education of these vendor professionals. The result is that our clients have professionals that are the most knowledgeable and up to date people in the industry.

With Single Source Training, you can design all of your own classes and training videos, from internal processes and procedures to ongoing professional development courses. Your company can include quizzes and interactive material to create more compelling material. Our video platform is designed to share knowledge, communicate more effectively, and drive top-level growth, ultimately offering a higher level of service to you.

Single Source Training provides organizations a more immersive and engaging way of delivering their learning programs.

Create a professionally narrated communication and accountability tool for all your internal and external employee base in-house.

Single Source Training provides a comprehensive platform that facilitates a highly engaging training program and collaboration experience. Our E-Learning solution features rich, engaging, interactive content to ensure your students master and retain vital knowledge and skills. We work with you to bring you the best solutions efficiently and affordably.

Evaluate your trainee’s progress and comprehension.

Single Source training’s video analytics and reporting features help you get the most out of your videos by providing data about your content library, insights on viewing behavior, and analytics on quiz results to ensure that your contractors meet your training requirements.

Re-enforce learning with quizzes and student interaction.

Students learn best by engaging with content. Single Source Training helps you create engaging content and quizzes with reports to view activity and quiz results to determine audience attention span between topics.

Reduce your quality control and kickback issues.

In today’s ever changing regulatory environment, having your own training and certification is not only something that covers your company and clients it also shows you have a handle on this aspect of your business. Keeping your contractor base informed on the latest laws is critical to everyone’s success. Ongoing training courses that your contractors and employees can go back to at their convenience will increase your service levels and lower your customer service calls.

Unlock untapped revenue.

We partner with you to create your own, custom branded university that offers paid training and certification to your vendor network. Suddenly, training your network becomes a recurring revenue stream. Your network becomes better trained than your competitors, so they provide higher quality work with less service issues. Best of all, your trained and certified network becomes a strong selling point and an advantage over your untrained competition. SST understands your business model and we understand how to use training to make you more money.

Easily update and edit training videos.

Single Source Training has a proven process to get your university up and running. There is no need for you to deal with the intricacies and headaches of traditional e-learning and instructional design. Our learning and development team works hand in hand with you to provide you with 24/7 support so that your training videos are always current.

Videos and Screencasts

Rich, engaging, interactive content ensures your students master and retain vital knowledge and skills through our online training platform.

• Quizzing and interactions (see end)
• Section titles for quick access
• Branded
• Professionally narrated


• Branded
• Immediate, realistic feedback to learners.
• Use in software training