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Welcome to Single Source Training

Let Single Source Training Help You to:

  1. Create a communication and accountability tool for all your internal and external employee base.
  2. Reduce your quality control and kickback issues.
  3. Improve your sales (our research shows that your customers want your network of contractors to be trained and certified).

Who We Are:

We are e-learning specialists serving the dynamic distressed residential real estate and mortgage industries.

We create and manage custom branded universities for our clients, allowing them to land more business, generate more revenue, and provide a higher level of service through a better trained and fully certified network of contractors.

We will customize course(s) to utilize key learning objectives to train and certify your team with unique interactive learning tools that are fun and engaging.

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  • I have worked with Dan, Tom, and the entire Single Source Training staff for over 6 months now, and I have only the highest praise for that group. They assisted me at each step of the way in developing content for our online Broker Price Opinion training. From suggestions on creating and organizing the content, to layout, presentation, and voice-over, SST was professional and skilled throughout the process. I would highly recommend SST to anyone wishing to create efficient and effective online training courses.

    Kyle Heather - Director of Valuations & Support Services, SingleSource Property Solutions

  • Dan Streit and the entire SST team understood our need to not only train our brokers and agents, but to educate their entire back office to meet our client requirements and industry compliance needs. SST's commitment to excellence in course content and delivery resulted in an amazing Keystone University that offers tremendous value for our real estate partners and professional service delivery that our clients demand. SST is Keystone's invaluable training resource and service delivery partner!

    Scott Keller - Senior Vice President / Strategic Solutions, Keystone Asset Management, Inc.

  • The team of professionals at SST-Training have been managing our online training program on their platform for well over a year. I can’t tell you how pleased we are with the quality of work they did both on the production of the certification course but also the hosting and management of the site. What makes their platform so great is the ease of use for our clients and for us as administrators. Our customers can easily create a user account, navigate thru the course and take the test. It’s simplicity makes it so powerful. As an administrator, we can log in any time and get all of the analytics we need to see who signed up, whose taken the test and the results with ease. I highly recommend Dan Streit and his “Super Stellar Team”.

    Skip Schenker, Renovation Asset Services, Inc.

  • SST was highly professional and they also met all of their time commitments. The staff is fantastic to work with. Because they built their own technology, they were able to customize our university’s looking fields and allowed us to make changes to our initial course. We like the company so much we invested in it and are now part owners.

    Michele Foley, Quandis

  • SST has an awesome team and make it very easy for everyone to create key learning objectives to help our staff and students communicate effectively. Their technology is very user friendly as well as very custom oriented. I would recommend this group to anyone. Thanks again SST for supporting Pure Game and helping us serve the under-served youth.

    Jimmy Puccini, Pure Game